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Meet the board of 2019/2020

Of course, it is impossible to have an association without a board. This year, four students will represent IDEA Tilburg. On this page, we will introduce them to you.

  •   Aniek Vogelsangs - Chairman

    Aniek is 21 years old and originally from Leunen, a very small village in Limburg. She is in her fourth year of Organization Studies and moved to Tilburg in her first year. Aniek was a board member of POLIS last year. As chairman, Aniek has contact with all parties of Tilburg University. Moreover, she also represents the TSB Associations in TiGeAk, and takes place in the Studentcounsil, an official advise body of the municipality of Tilburg. You can contact her via: chairman@idea-tilburg.com.

  •   Stella Barenholz - Secretary

    Stella (21) is a fourth-year Work and Organizational Psychology student with further interests for Human Resources and social dynamics. For the third year, she will be an active member of study association Complex. Besides functioning as secretary, she will connect IDEA with the Social Sciences Career Event Tilburg, as well as the Master Experience Days. She will also be in charge of the acquisition and activity workgroups. You can contact Stella via: secretary@idea-tilburg.com.

  •   Dominic Vestering - Treasurer

    Dominic (21) is currently in his fourth year of Organization Studies, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Last year he did a board year at Study Association POLIS and he is now using all his experience for IDEA Tilburg. Next to being the treasurer, Dominic is responsible for the Master Experience Days, internationalization and promotion of IDEA. If you have any questions or comments related to this you can contact Dominic via: treasurer@idea-tilburg.com.

  •   Noa Kooiman - General Board Member

    Noa (21) is a fourth-year student Organization Studies with a minor in Human Resource Studies. Before doing a board year at IDEA Tilburg, she was chairman of Study Association POLIS. You can contact her via: generalboardmember@idea-tilburg.com.

Stella Barenholz - Noa Kooiman - Dominic Vestering - Aniek Vogelsangs


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