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Looking for the IDEA board of 2020-2021!

Faculty Association IDEA is looking for part-time board members! 

Do you want to contribute to the development of all 4000 TSB students? Do you believe that collaboration of all TSB parties can be beneficial for TSB students? Are you up for a challenge?

Become a part-time board member of Faculty Association IDEA for the academic year 2020/2021! IDEA is the umbrella association for all TSB-associations. We are the link between the study associations of TSB (Complex, INPUT, POLIS, Versot; and SPS-NIP and Stimulus), the faculty council parties and the board of the SCT, between the Management Team of TSB and the associations and between different students of TSB. Our goal is to connect all different parties within TSB in the best way possible.

The different board functions are: chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer. Below you find some more information about the different functions. 

Chairman: as chairman you are a true connector between all kinds of different parties within TSB. You get energized from leading meetings and are great at keeping an overview. You meet regularly with chairmen of the student parties within TSB, but also with the Management Team of TSB as well as other parties of Tilburg University. You motivate your board members, as well as support them in the execution of their projects.

Vice-chairman: as vice-chairman you are responsible for the new mentorship program of TSB, as well as to support the chairman. You love to work on a big project and you believe that first years benefit from the guidance from a more experienced TSB student. You work on the execution as well as the improvement of the mentorship program, and in doing so you stay in contact with all parties involved, like the Management Team of TSB, the TSB study associations and the Educational Support Team of TSB. 

Secretary: as secretary you have a very diverse set of tasks. You are precise and are great at processing information. The secretary is responsible for all incoming and outgoing e-mail and writes the minutes of the board meetings. Moreover, you and the treasurer divide different tasks to fill your portfolio. Among these is the activity workgroup which you chair, where board members of the TSB associations collaborate on activities for all TSB students. Other tasks may include contact with Career Services and being responsible for the acquisition. 

Treasurer: as treasurer, you are responsible for the finances for the association. But being treasurer of IDEA entails way more than that! You love having challenging and diverse tasks and having the opportunity to initiate new projects. You and the secretary divide different tasks to fill your portfolio. Among these tasks is organizing the Master Experience Days for TSB students, where you collaborate with parties like the TSB Management Team, Educational Support, Marketing and Communication and TSB associations. Other tasks may include the maintenance of social media and chairing a workgroup on internationalization within TSB associations. 

Are you interested in learning more about what the different board functions of IDEA entail and what it takes to be a board member of this faculty association? 

Send an e-mail to info@idea-tilburg.com!



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