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The Social Sciences Career Event Tilburg

The career event for all TSB-students

The Social Sciences Career Event (SCT) is a new career event organised by students of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, TSB) of Tilburg University. The five main study directions of the faculty are Organization Studies, Global Management of Social Issues, Human Resource Management, Psychology and Sociology. The SCT aims to bring the students of the TSB closer to the labor market and come in contact with future employers.

To prepare the students in the best way possible for the SCT, a SCT pre-event was organized on February 7. During this pre-event different workshops related to personal branding were given and students had the opportunity to get their CV and LinkedIn checked. 

On April 10 the SCT will officially take place. During this day students will have the opportunity to get to know companies of their interests. On this day, there is a various offer in activities: company presentations, workshops and an informal drink with the participating companies afterwards. Some companies that are attending this first edition of the SCT are, among others: Calco, Pauwer Academie and het PON. Besides these companies, more companies from different workfields will attend the SCT. 

For more information about the SCT, you can visit their website. From March 25 on, you can register yourself for the SCT. 

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