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Next to all our internal affairs, we do collaborate with all the TSB associations. We do that by multiple workgroups we implemented. This way the associations and we are able to provide better events and information.

The different workgroups are:

  • Acquisition Workgroup

    The Acquisition Workgroup focuses on getting partnerships which are interesting for our students. Our workgroup includes POLIS, INPUT, Complex, Versot and the SCT. This year we are focusing on the TSB Pass. This pass will include discount for multiple companies in Tilburg, such as the Boekanier or Nondejeu. Next year the goal is to put more companies on the pass which are interesting for students. Also, are able to start a completely new project. That is what makes it much fun!

  • Activity Workgroup

    The Activity Workgroup focusses on organising four activities for all students of TSB. They split those activities in two, organising two formal activities that focus on the fields of study or professional development, and two informal activities that strive to connect students from all fields of study and associations in a recreational manner. One of the main activities the workgroup organizes each year is the legendary BEHAVE Cantus, which has built up quite a good reputation over the years. The Activity Workgroup is a very fun workgroup, where board coordinators from the four study associations (Complex, POLIS, INPUT and Versot) meet with a board coordinator from Faculty Association IDEA. They share ideas and developments within their own associations, and they try to create the best possible events for students. 

  • Internationalization Workgroup

    The Internationalization Workgroup aims to improve the dynamic internationalization process within the faculty. The four study associations (Complex, POLIS, INPUT and Versot) meet regularly with a board coordinator from Faculty Association IDEA to discuss their own developments, to collectively work on solutions for complex issues and to initiate new ideas within the faculty. These ideas and initiatives are meant to give the international student a better and more integrated position within their study and the faculty. The workgroup also works on one activity a year. The content of this activity and its timing vary per year, but every year it is a great success! The three central keypoints of this workgroup are: communication, developing new initatives and improving the integration. 

  • Platform

    The platform meetings are meetings which are weekly held with all associations of the TSB. It can be a pretty busy meeting when everybody joins. The parties which are in these meetings are Active TSB, Complex, IDEA, INPUT, POLIS, SPS-NIP, Stimulus, Versot and the student assessor of the TSB. From time to time Ingrid is also joining, she is the Career Service Officer. Within these meetings numerous topics are discussed. From talking about the elections with Active TSB and Stimulus to talking about the labour market activities of all associations. Next to the more serious side of this workgroup, we also like to have drinks with each other.

  • Secretary Workgroup

    The secretary workgroup is a workgroup consisting out of all the secretaries of the study associations and IDEA. The secretary of IDEA ‘leads’ this workgroup and makes sure to schedule the meetings. In these meetings we will update each other of how things are going, and we also help each other when someone is experiencing difficulties. It can be very helpful to exchange ideas and knowledge about our secretary tasks, so you can apply several insights to your own association. Besides that, we are working on a common registration form which meets the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But above all, it is a very fun workgroup in which we get to know each other and in which we occasionally grab a drink together!

    Meet our workgroup (from left to right):

    • Maartje Hermans – Secretary IDEA
    • Britt Bergers – Secretary Complex
    • Boris Schussler – Secretary POLIS
    • Stan Grabert – Secretary INPUT

    And last but not least, Simone Willekens – Secretary Versot, unfortunately she is missing in this picture, however she is also part of our workgroup and attends our meetings!


  • Treasurer Workgroup

    The Treasurer Workgroup aims to provide help to the TSB treasurers. The workgroup contains all current treasurers of TSB. When a treasurer has a question or needs advice, the treasurer workgroup will help. We will discuss current developments and problems, which are related to the tasks of a treasurer.


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