• 2022

Interested in doing a Board Year?

Our association is the vital communication and support link for all associations within the faculty and the management team of TSB. We strive to improve the professionalization of the faculty and we aim to connect students in formal and informal ways, improving your student life in an educational and recreational manner!

A board year at IDEA means you will execute this great vision by fulfilling the role of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, or Treasurer alongside a wide range of variable tasks you can choose from! These tasks can include the organization of the Mentorship Program, the Master Experience Days, or one of the workgroups we have, each with its own structure and goals. Together with your board members, you represent all students and parties within the faculty. You will learn to improve your teamwork, analytical and creative thinking, and professional establishment.

Do you perhaps have questions about a specific aspect or function within our dynamic association? Feel free to contact us at info@idea-tilburg.com!


  • IDEA Tilburg

    IDEA Tilburg

    Our association

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  • Master Experience Day

    Master Experience Day

    The MED is to help you choose your Master's degree

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  • Study Association Complex

    Study Association Complex


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  • Study Assocation POLIS

    Study Association POLIS

    Organization Studies & GMSI

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  • Study Association INPUT

    Study Association INPUT

    Human Resource Studies

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  • Study Association Versot

    Study Association Versot


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    Psychology - National Association

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  • The SCT

    The SCT

    The Social Sciences Career Event Tilburg

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  • Student Party Stimulus

    Student Party Stimulus

    For TSB Students

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